Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Settling in...

Your work is to discover your
world and then with all your
heart give yourself to it.

I had arrived! I answered the calling and stood ready.
But first I had to clean , unpack and put up the Christmas tree for Sam.
One week until Christmas and I had so much to do.
We stayed with my inlaws for the first week while I went back and forth to our rental
to clean and clean and clean even more! Tired and stressed did not even come close to how
I was feeling....not to mention the culture shock was starting to set in...
Even though I was still in the same country it was a different world to me. Where was the snow?
Everything was green and not brown.

In a weeks time I managed to get our new abode liveable...still it was a bit difficult coming from
a beautiful brand new home to a dated 1960's tiny bungalow. But I was determined to make it
charming and homey. This is a great challenge for me ! I can do it ! You know how creative I am and how I love to decorate I said as my husband rolled his eyes hating the place the even more.

After coming to terms with the ancient washer and dryer in the bedroom/office/ laundry room that I was terrified to put my clothes in I was starting to get past the cries of change. That is until we made the trip to the grocery store...
I have to say proudly that in Ontario are grocery stores rock! And I love to go grocery shopping!
When I went to the grocery store I thought I was going to have a melt down! Pastas and other staples three times the price...and where's the beef??!
And then I lost it in Asile 5....." I started screaming $6 for Peanut Butter are they insane?!!
Change is not easy and the smallest things can really set you off. After a week of shopping at various grocery stores I discovered the Walmart Superstore!! Thank you Mr. Walmart you
saved my sanity. Now things where looking brighter...


  1. What the heck kind of prices did you have in Ontario? I think we had the problem of culture shock in reverse. Moving to a cold climate from here...I spent almost every night/day in the bathtub washing my tears down the drain with the water.

  2. Hi Pamela:) I just wanted to say thank you so much for your lovely comment and sweet birthday wishes for our little Lottie. I was so thrilled that you stopped by and am so very happy to have discovered your blogs!! Wow, this scenerey is absolutely stunning! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ~ Tina xx

  3. New follower.. love all your pictures.. glad I stopped by..have a great weekend!!

  4. well, welcome to BC - high taxes and high prices. It's the price we pay for living in such a fantastic province. Come on, you're on an island surrounded by water - it's all worth it. You'll find local shops and farmer markets that will make up for grocery store prices. Maybe a bulk bag of peanuts and a hammer is something to consider?

  5. Hi dear Pamela. Meeting you is finding my kindred spirit. I too am on a journey. Thanks for visiting me. I will be coming by to visit you often!! May you and your family have a blessed Easter!!

    Susan and Bentley