Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last days of summer

Sadly the last days of summer are upon us now. Summer is my favourite season.
I like everything about it. There is more to wardrobe is nicer and lots of
sunshine at the beach! Now that i have moved to the land of rain i don't look forward
to winter. Because that is what it does here in the winter...RAIN! My husband tried
to convince me before we moved here that it doesn't rain that much?! He's now
confessed that yes come November the rain kicks in. Did i tell you how much i
hate the rain?!
The last week of August has been spent enjoying as much of the lake as we can.
This is beautiful Lake Cowichan. As a family we spent the whole day swimming
and relaxing on the beach.

Sam's favourite activity at the beach is his snorkel set! This is all he does here.

Enjoy those snacks and the lake two weeks you will be back to hitting the
Before you know it it will be Christmas!
Happy Days everyone
Pamela xo

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer time and Best Friends

Summer and childhood go hand in hand. For me summer always brings back lovely
childhood memories. I love summer and i think most people do.

This is our first summer here on beautiful Vancouver Island.
Every where you go around here
you will finds
acres and acres
of wild black berries just begging
to be

Sam and his friend

spent some time



The best thing for me about moving to the island is Sam's new found friendship.

Who would have guessed that moving 3,000 miles from home my son would

find a friend that he can connect with so easily .

A boy who shares the same

interests...has the same intellect and interests as his.

Someone has truly been watching over my family during this great

transition in our lives.


has really been

enjoying hanging out with the boys!

Isn't it refreshing when eleven year old boys are still just that...eleven year old

(but sweet i might add) boys! This day in age the young want to grow up way too fast.

We have seen this with other children Sam has befriended. Kids who think safe, fun

things aren't cool anymore.

when Sam's new friend

comes for the day or a sleep over

my husband and i

are always pleased to see them playing ...

having fun in the outdoors.

The tree fort has been a big hit around here!

Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn

seem to come to life.

We have told Sam that it is not important the number of friends you have

but the quality of friends.

When Sam and his friend are together they

are always

creating and stimulating

each other with new ideas and interests.

Friends can also be good role models for us.

His friend has a wonderful blog

on the environment

and it has already been recognised and awarded money towards

his schooling.

What better friend/role model for our only child?


polite boys

that would make


parent proud!

Wishing you all a happy, safe summer with your best friend!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The little studio

On our property sits a little studio.
A little place that has endless possibilities.
On the roof are three sky lights. This is not your average boring shack. Someone
put a lot of thought into the design of this place.

I sit and ponder on what to do with this little studio. Inside it has its own pot belly stove
and its all wired up for lighting. My imagination runs on how it could be decorated.

All the windows are very old and open right out.

The door that leads to the road is a dutch style door. This would be the perfect
place to sell antiques , art or somewhere to write that book that's waiting to come

What does this little studio say to you?