Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer time and Best Friends

Summer and childhood go hand in hand. For me summer always brings back lovely
childhood memories. I love summer and i think most people do.

This is our first summer here on beautiful Vancouver Island.
Every where you go around here
you will finds
acres and acres
of wild black berries just begging
to be

Sam and his friend

spent some time



The best thing for me about moving to the island is Sam's new found friendship.

Who would have guessed that moving 3,000 miles from home my son would

find a friend that he can connect with so easily .

A boy who shares the same

interests...has the same intellect and interests as his.

Someone has truly been watching over my family during this great

transition in our lives.


has really been

enjoying hanging out with the boys!

Isn't it refreshing when eleven year old boys are still just that...eleven year old

(but sweet i might add) boys! This day in age the young want to grow up way too fast.

We have seen this with other children Sam has befriended. Kids who think safe, fun

things aren't cool anymore.

when Sam's new friend

comes for the day or a sleep over

my husband and i

are always pleased to see them playing ...

having fun in the outdoors.

The tree fort has been a big hit around here!

Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn

seem to come to life.

We have told Sam that it is not important the number of friends you have

but the quality of friends.

When Sam and his friend are together they

are always

creating and stimulating

each other with new ideas and interests.

Friends can also be good role models for us.

His friend has a wonderful blog

on the environment

and it has already been recognised and awarded money towards

his schooling.

What better friend/role model for our only child?


polite boys

that would make


parent proud!

Wishing you all a happy, safe summer with your best friend!


  1. What a blessing! One of the biggest fears in moving is not knowing how our children will fare. I believe God was watching out for him and had that place all pre-picked for you! lol I agree-the kids today grow up so fast. I am glad that my kids let my grandchildren be just that-kids...that they don't push them to grow up too fast. Tomorrow my oldest daughter's oldest daughter turns eight. I can hardly believe it...and she is a sweet little girl still. Diana

  2. what a breathtaking view! you have a great summer too! verbena cottage

  3. Hi Pamela, So happy that your son has found a friend. It warms a Mother's heart to know your son is happy. I hope that you are finding friends in your new town too. You've already got a new friend near Chicago, that's me! Thanks for your kindness, and your comments that always make my day. Love, Penny

  4. Adorable post...yes Summer and being a kid with a best friend is amazing. My as a bird to do nothing but play and enjoy life.

    Hugs for a great new week...isn't it crazy how blackberries grow everywhere here on the west coast!!!


  5. It looks like the move was meant to be! What a perfect place to raise children Pamela. You certainly made the right decision.....
    I do miss Island blackberries! :)

  6. hello....from across the waters....i am soo happy to have *stumbled* upon your blog- as we too are a family who has moved 15,000 miles from home...& also watched our kids making friends as you talk about here...
    we are from australia & have moved to the Uk and have faced soo many wonderful and not soo wonderful differences....particularly with children *being* their age...
    in australia- our kids ran free and wild on beaches and in the countryside with their friends...when we moved to england many of the children we encountered spent the majority of their time indoors and worse still on computer games...after being here 2 years our kids have found the children who are most similar to themselves and we,too, like you...have found that it is not the quantity of friends but the quality that makes time spent together special...
    i'm going back with a cup of tea for more reading of your past posts...vancover island looks simply stunning!
    melissa x

  7. how nice! it's very hard for my boys, who don't video game and stuff like that to find other boys who really just want to play outdoors and fish...go how blessed your son is! truly!!!

    you know...the first time I came to your blog - about a month ago I think? I have been looking more and more at your area - to live in - at least dreaming about it!! it looks perfect I might say! the sea....the nice!

    Anne Marie