Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Eleven years ago
A beautiful , precious baby boy came into our lives....and we have never been the same.
Born 4 weeks early...but perfect and healthy.
The best gift that was ever bestowed upon me...and i thank God every single day for
this child that has completely enriched my life...
who makes me proud...who makes me smile but especially keeps me laughing with his witty
Samuel Vincent!!
These last eleven years
Love Mom xoxo

Friday, July 9, 2010

Are first summer on Vancouver Island

Our first family vacation this summer was to Parksville. The weather was cool but still sunny.
Lovely sandy beach. Aren't the mountains in the back ground breathtaking?!
We bought Sam a "skin board" (something new to me)
he had alot of fun trying to learn it.

I think he had more fun being buried in the sand.

This week has finally warmed up on the island. Hot and sunny with no humidity just how
i like it! Back home in Ontario (and Quebec) they are all sizzling. Can't say i miss those high
temperatures in the 40's. Sam would be camping out in the basement along with the pets.
We took a trip out to Lake Cowichan.
Sam tried Kayaking and loved it.

Lake Cowichan goes on for miles it's as big as the great lakes in Ontario.
I love the way the mountains surround it.

Of course you can't go to the beach without tubing!

He's just loving this...

Wishing you all a fun weekend in the sun!
Pamela xo

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What do you dream?

What if you slept?
And what if,
In your sleep
You dreamed?
And what if,
In your dream,
You went to heaven
And there plucked
A strange and
Beautiful flower?
And what if,
When you awoke,
You had the flower
In your hand?
Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834)
I have heard it said there are endless possibilities of what we can have and doesn't
it all start as a dream?
Happy dreaming...Pamela xo

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Through the eyes of a cat

If anyone has adjusted well to moving 3,000 miles to another province
it's our cat
Acoya is fifteen years old and you would never know
He also huge which you really cannot tell
by these photos.
It is quite astonishing at how large he is. He is very
beautiful and he knows
They say moving is one of life's major stresses and
they also say
that it's hard on

Since we moved here 6 months ago
i have never seen a pet

Some days i may struggle with my new province
but then i witness this cat
joyfully coming and going all day
he's always lived here.

The reason why so many of us love our pets is because they don't hold us responsible for their
own happiness. After this major move in my life i can say they really can show you the way
to joy and happiness...anywhere you live!
I don't know what i would do without my pets to help me through this transition.
Thanks for following my journey and thank you to my friends for your wonderful comments
on my Sam's first recital! You all made him very happy.
Pamela xo