Friday, October 15, 2010

Best Friends

Everyone needs
including our pets!
Pilot has found a very special friend...
He's perfect for her.
Meet Shep (on the right) Pilot's new friend.

Pilot prefers her own breed (she's a tad prejudice this way...just between me and you)
Most working breeds do prefer their own kind. It so instinctive ...whenever we come
across another working breed she immediately likes them.

Shep is perfect for our girl. He's a German shepherd. He loves to walk and do tracking
with her on the trails. But most importantly he tolerates her bossiness!
Shep's a good guy very gentle and sweet!

The best part is Shep lives right down the drive by our house. Bye Shep
see you tomorrow!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Part of life

The intention of starting this blog was to express and share my journey in
another place after living in the same area for 43years. Stepping out of my comfort
zone was not an easy task for me. Everyday is filled with more opportunities
to discover this wonderful place i now call home. Nine months have passed and now
that i am entering my tenth month here i can say alot has changed. I am comfortable
in my surroundings and have made some wonderful friends.

Just when we think things have settled down and we have a level footing on things
something comes about.
For me and my family it was the passing of our beloved female cat Kachina.
Kachina was fifteen years old and had made the journey across Canada with our other
two pets quite easily. She was settled and very happy the first few months living here.
Suddenly she became ill and quickly declined then passed away in her sleep.
Death is unfortunately a part of life. Losing a pet is the hardest. I always wondered why
the loss of a pet is sometimes even harder than a loved one. Then I realized why we take
their passing so incredibly hard.

Our pets love us unconditionally. They do not hold us responsible for their happiness. They don't make demands on us to act or behave in a way that makes them feel better. They do not give us endless guilt or shame. In their eyes we are perfect . WE ARE PERFECT in their eyes and are we not Perfect in Gods eyes as well? Maybe pets are Gods way of apologizing for relatives we have constant conflict with...

Until then rest in peace my sweet Kachina...