Sunday, May 23, 2010

Huckleberry Finn

In a heavily wooded area on our property is an old tree fort. The day we moved in my son and i thought we'd have a look at it. I decided to climb up first and have a look around. Good thing too because as i stepped further onto the floor there was a big crack and the next thing i new i was going down. Luckily i caught onto a branch and saved myself an embarrassing fall. The entire floor was badly rotted. This tree house needed a complete reno! Sam was really excited about the idea of having his own tree fort. A place to play and a place to read. My husband and i thought it was great or ipod allowed...every parents dream!!
First thing Saturday morning Sam and his dad set out to the hardware store to get supplies needed to rebuild the tree house.

The tree house is set right in this wooded area. Deer come walking through here all the time.

The ladder to climb.

It is so amazing how this tree grew just like it was purposely going to accommodate a tree house.

Sam had to carry the wood up and his dad also let him drill the screws into the boards.

A perfect floor just like you'd find on a deck.

It is pretty high up and has a great view. Sam spotted tree frogs while hanging out up here!

And the best part of all is seeing the smile on my boy's face.... (and he's reading too!)

I think i just might use this when he's at school!
Your never too old for a tree fort...
Pamela xo

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gratitude ...Appreciation

Gratitude... How we all forget to be grateful for all the good in our lives. Instead we find ourselves complaining...worrying ...being fearful and just plain unhappy. Today my husband and i took our dog for a walk by the ocean. No one in sight just us...the entire beach was our own. As we walked along i started complaining...oh going on about all the wrongs and what i want out of life.

Imagine complaining when this is before you. My husband had enough of my aches and said to me " Pam , how can you complain when you live here? " Look where you are right now and your not having to go to a job right now!" Shame on me...I told him yes he was right and how can i complain when i get to walk this beach everyday.

How can i not have gratitude when i am healthy and just got word that a childhood friend is battling breast cancer? Shame on me.

How can i not appreciate the fact that i have been blessed with a wonderful healthy child and some do not? Shame on me.

I could go on and on with my list of gratitude and appreciation. I think we all can. We just have to learn to focus on the good things and not stare at that one pot hole in the road.

I am grateful that this little blog gets seen by a few friends and followers.. I am grateful for my pets...I am grateful for our new home...I am grateful that i have a supportive and loving husband.

But most of all i am grateful for another day !

Thanks for coming along on my journey i am truly grateful!

Pamela xo

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The tide rolls out...

Today is my husbands birthday. We thought we would go for a walk to the ocean. A beautiful , sunny and very warm day. The ocean is a five minute walk from our home. I love the trail to get there. The woods is so peaceful and lots of smells of pine and cedar.Perfect signs of summer coming... barefoot prints in the sand
Salt Spring Island is right across from us. A beautiful island where alot of artisians and famous people live. Every Saturday in the summer is the most fantastic market. You can buy fruit, vegetables, art work, pottery and amazing jewellery. I can't wait to go.

I get asked all the time by family if i am happy living here on Vancouver Island. They asked if my son is well adjusted and does he have friends and like his school. I don't even know where to begin in explaining how this new place has done wonders for him. All i can do is take photos of him having a wonderful time.

He's looking for all these unusual sea creatures that get washed up when the tide rolls out. He knows the names of all these strange things since his field trip to Bamfield Science and Marine Center. He rambles on and on about all he has learned. He's like a sponge and retains everything he learns. Pilot our dog she loves the beach and ocean.

He looks well adjusted wouldn't you say?

My first star fish i have ever seen in real life. I mean one that is still alive. We put it back in the sea. It got washed up so we thought we would help it get home. I love the purple. I never new they were purple. I am learning alot about the sea and me since moving here.

My husband and me...

Happy Birthday! I think he's had a good day!