Friday, October 15, 2010

Best Friends

Everyone needs
including our pets!
Pilot has found a very special friend...
He's perfect for her.
Meet Shep (on the right) Pilot's new friend.

Pilot prefers her own breed (she's a tad prejudice this way...just between me and you)
Most working breeds do prefer their own kind. It so instinctive ...whenever we come
across another working breed she immediately likes them.

Shep is perfect for our girl. He's a German shepherd. He loves to walk and do tracking
with her on the trails. But most importantly he tolerates her bossiness!
Shep's a good guy very gentle and sweet!

The best part is Shep lives right down the drive by our house. Bye Shep
see you tomorrow!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Part of life

The intention of starting this blog was to express and share my journey in
another place after living in the same area for 43years. Stepping out of my comfort
zone was not an easy task for me. Everyday is filled with more opportunities
to discover this wonderful place i now call home. Nine months have passed and now
that i am entering my tenth month here i can say alot has changed. I am comfortable
in my surroundings and have made some wonderful friends.

Just when we think things have settled down and we have a level footing on things
something comes about.
For me and my family it was the passing of our beloved female cat Kachina.
Kachina was fifteen years old and had made the journey across Canada with our other
two pets quite easily. She was settled and very happy the first few months living here.
Suddenly she became ill and quickly declined then passed away in her sleep.
Death is unfortunately a part of life. Losing a pet is the hardest. I always wondered why
the loss of a pet is sometimes even harder than a loved one. Then I realized why we take
their passing so incredibly hard.

Our pets love us unconditionally. They do not hold us responsible for their happiness. They don't make demands on us to act or behave in a way that makes them feel better. They do not give us endless guilt or shame. In their eyes we are perfect . WE ARE PERFECT in their eyes and are we not Perfect in Gods eyes as well? Maybe pets are Gods way of apologizing for relatives we have constant conflict with...

Until then rest in peace my sweet Kachina...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Decorating with china

Throughout my home i have decorated with china. It is all too pretty to hide
in the cupboard! My living room sports alot of my china...

My limoge dishes...

My favourite platter is my brown transfer ware...

Masons pink vista china...

My darling sweet pea desert plates that are displayed in my bedroom...

My limoge platter is holding my perfume bottles...

Even the guest room has my china. Tea cups adding some whimsy to the chandelier...

When I'm not wading in the sea...I'm decorating with china!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Welcome to Our home!

Welcome to our home! I thought i would give you all a little tour of the home
my family and i are living in. This home is a beautiful home built in the 1920's which
is quite rare around this part of the island.

The top floor that you see here is the
sleeping porch off the master bedroom. Very favourite part of the home. This room is the formal dining area...a very large room. This photo only shows
a small part of the room..

Next up is the red french country kitchen. My dream is to one day have an all
white kitchen. For now it's red!

Would you like to stay for lunch? I love to cook and entertain for people!
Come over anytime...there is always food!

This room we call the passageway...the staircase is hidden in this room

You are going to find alot of toile in my home!!

Did i mention i'm a chinaholic? Really! My husband counted 28 boxes of china when
we moved here....he wasn't too happy!

Our pretty living room...still waiting for my white slip covered sofa!

My beloved laundry room...i love to do laundry!
The romantic sleeping porch!

This is waiting for me now that I have finished giving you the tour...
this home has two claw foot tubs too!!

Hope you enjoyed visiting...i loved having you!
Pamela xo

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cowichan Fair

Welcome to Duncan's Exhibition in the Cowichan Valley!
This year the fair was held in their new location. Beautiful new stalls, barns and hall were built for the residents to enjoy. This is the thing i love about living here, they do so much
for the community. Lots of rides for kids of all ages...
I'm not a ride person at all either is my hubby. Our son loves rides. I must be the only
mom who gets totally stressed every time her child goes on one! Of course he is really
into the extreme rides!

Is this not a beautiful location to spend the day with your family? See why i
love it here?

Brand new stalls for all the horses and other animals...

This was a great competition with the miniature horses pulling little carts!

Larger Belgian horses pulling wagons.

There was the barn with all different types of sheep. This one just had his

Different types of goats in the next barn.

They were even judging different types of cattle. Some came all the way
from Alberta.

We had to visit the poultry barn. Sam and i love birds and chickens. There was
alot of cock- a -doodle -doo going on!! Lots of winners in this barn.

They were even showing rabbits! Never new people showed rabbits. They had
so many different varieties...

This guy was my favourite!!! He is huge!! His ears and paws were incredible!

Lots of beautiful horses...

Two handsome guys! This horse gladly posed for me!

Thanks for stopping by to see the show!
Pamela xo

Friday, September 3, 2010

The town of Totems

In the Cowichan Valley there is a town called Duncan...the town of totems. Duncan is the central town in the Valley. Throughout the town there are beautifully hand carved totems
by the First Nations people. They are something to see.
These last three photos were taken on our vacation to the island two years ago.

To me the totems signify strength and courage. They stand tall and don't bow
down to anything. But unlike the totem sometimes the strongest of us can break down.
The caretaker of the family can not always be the rock his family expects him to be.
I am looking to the totems for strength and assurance to help my family
whether this fierce storm...