Saturday, May 15, 2010

The tide rolls out...

Today is my husbands birthday. We thought we would go for a walk to the ocean. A beautiful , sunny and very warm day. The ocean is a five minute walk from our home. I love the trail to get there. The woods is so peaceful and lots of smells of pine and cedar.Perfect signs of summer coming... barefoot prints in the sand
Salt Spring Island is right across from us. A beautiful island where alot of artisians and famous people live. Every Saturday in the summer is the most fantastic market. You can buy fruit, vegetables, art work, pottery and amazing jewellery. I can't wait to go.

I get asked all the time by family if i am happy living here on Vancouver Island. They asked if my son is well adjusted and does he have friends and like his school. I don't even know where to begin in explaining how this new place has done wonders for him. All i can do is take photos of him having a wonderful time.

He's looking for all these unusual sea creatures that get washed up when the tide rolls out. He knows the names of all these strange things since his field trip to Bamfield Science and Marine Center. He rambles on and on about all he has learned. He's like a sponge and retains everything he learns. Pilot our dog she loves the beach and ocean.

He looks well adjusted wouldn't you say?

My first star fish i have ever seen in real life. I mean one that is still alive. We put it back in the sea. It got washed up so we thought we would help it get home. I love the purple. I never new they were purple. I am learning alot about the sea and me since moving here.

My husband and me...

Happy Birthday! I think he's had a good day!


  1. A perfect birthday I'd say - your location sounds wonderful. I wait all year for my trip to the island. The blue background is nice.

  2. Oh Happy Birthday to your husband...I adore Salt Spring Island ...we always go in the Summer. That purple starfish is amazing!!!! Enjoy your week my friend. xoxo

  3. The starfish looks amazing!! Happy Birthday to your husband....Kathy

  4. What a lovely birthday - and thanks for taking us on the trip ;)

  5. Happy Birthday to hubby.
    I love that beach it brings back happy memories, as it will for you. I love that trail....