Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My little boy is growing up...

My husband and i have been blessed with one very special child. Our son's name is Samuel but we call him Sam or Sammy. He is ten years old and is the light of our life. Sam has been the most amazing child from day one. As a baby he was easy, happy and very lovable. At toddler stage he was curious and very independent. One of the things i instilled in Sam was to have a sense of independence. And self confidence was not far behind. A very self assured child that wherever we took him he always had an audience. His endless grown up chatter used to shock and impress adults all the time. Never shy always polite people immediately felt drawn to my son. Every year it is the same remark from every new teacher...he is such a delight...so intelligent...very polite...friendly and he brings so much sparkle to the classroom. I take pride that i have chosen to stay home and raise my son and have put all my time and energy into him. Endlessly searching for the best activities to put him in that he will enjoy and flourish in has been one of my tasks. My boy is becoming well rounded and confident. That being said sometimes all of this can come back to haunt you...when you raise your child to be independent and ready to go off on his own as the mother you ask yourself am i ready for this? Well Sam as of 5am this morning has gone on his very own class trip. The trip is three days ...two nights. Not once was he nervous, apprehensive or scared. He was ready and very excited. Sam is new to this school and this province we are now living in. I can't imagine taking all this on at his age. I would have been shaking behind my mom's apron! Sam playing his piano for Kachina.

As the tears roll down my face tonight (when my husband is not looking) and the heart pains come and go...i will be thinking about my little man who is happy, laughin, very clever and being very brave...and give myself a little pat on the back for doing such a wonderful job so far...and just maybe i could learn something from my little boy "Sam".....

Hope he comes home soon Kachina has been waiting in his room all day!


  1. I have been there and , trust me, you will survive!! Sam is quite the little man!

  2. You and your husband are indeed blessed. What a darling boy!!

    Susan and Bentley

    PS: I wouldn't paint that headboard either. Everyone loves to paint furniture now, but that piece is too precious to mar.

  3. Found your blog through creative style's... I enjoyed your post about your little man Sam. I've raised three wonderful daughters who are now all at college. It's thrilling and scary all rolled into one when your little birds leave the nest. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  4. He is so awesome, I love those pictures!

  5. I love the title of your blog - I grew up in Victoria and often long for the sounds and sights of the sea. I remember when we moved to Alberta from Vancouver Island. I felt the same way as you do now, but things will get better as they did for me. I remember we'd been here almost a year when my daughter's class was to leave on a 3 night trip. Like you I had stayed home when my children were born and one of the best things was getting to go on all the field trips - but I wasn't chosen to go on this one. My daughter was all packed and at 6:30 on the morning of departure, she wrote out a list of pros and cons and she decided to stay home. I think she was happier at that time but likely always regretted it. Sam will have so much to share with you when he gets home and then he can be your tour guide and take you to the places he visited this summer. Your new home looks lovely!