Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Decorating with china

Throughout my home i have decorated with china. It is all too pretty to hide
in the cupboard! My living room sports alot of my china...

My limoge dishes...

My favourite platter is my brown transfer ware...

Masons pink vista china...

My darling sweet pea desert plates that are displayed in my bedroom...

My limoge platter is holding my perfume bottles...

Even the guest room has my china. Tea cups adding some whimsy to the chandelier...

When I'm not wading in the sea...I'm decorating with china!!


  1. We share this passion too. I love my china and decorate virtually every room of the house with it. I so agree about not hiding it in a cabinet. How do our dear husbands and your sweet son put up with our girly ways??

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. I love the way you've decorated with china Pamela. It would be so nice to have a plate rail . We had one in my childhood home. I have a beautiful collection of teacups and dessert plates so every time I host a bridal or baby shower I'm able to use them. Have you started on the cottage yet?

  3. I do not blame you for displaying your china, it is lovely. I especially love the pink platter with the cottage.

    ~ Tracy

  4. Dear Pamela. So very nicely done. Lovely to see china in rooms other than the kitchen and dining room. I especially loved the tea cups hanging from the light fixture. You have a beautiful home, and a talent for decorating! Love, Penny