Friday, June 25, 2010

Practice makes perfect

Every child has there own special thing that they are drawn to. Some like sports like hockey or soccer or they prefer the arts. Ever since Sam was a baby he has loved music. He was the baby that would literally hum to a song even before he could talk. His fingers were always going and like mine they're quite long.
Last September we made the decision to put him into piano. He loved it. When we moved to the island i immediately enrolled him into the local Music school.
His new teacher was very pleased to have a student who was eager to learn and wonderful to teach.
Every day though after school it was "Sam play your piano!" and he would say "I know I know!"and on he practised. Last Saturday was his very first recital. He wasn't one bit nervous but i was ! He performed three songs perfectly. It was a real delight watching him on stage.

At the end of the recital he was presented with a surprise award. A bursary for the music
school. We were all shocked and very happy!
He was chosen by his teacher for the following reasons:
1. Consistent practice of music
2. Positive attitude towards learning and receiving instruction
3. Continued improvement in musicianship and music skills.

And what did his dad and i say to him after...."Practice makes perfect!"
Congratulations Sammy!!


  1. Congratulations dear Sam!! Keep practicing and you will never regret it. Your Mom is so very proud of you and I don't blame her one bit! Lots of love from your friend in Idaho.

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Hi Pamela! I'm over here now! Congratulations to Sam! I'm so glad to hear someone his age is interested in piano. I started lessons when I was 9, and I'm so happy I can play. Keep practicing Sam, it's all worth it and means even more into your adult years, you have a very special gift. Pamela, I love looking at all the photos of where you live. We will be taking a ferry from Seattle over to Victoria one day on our trip. We have our passports and we're looking forward to the beautiful scenery. I don't even know where Victoria is in relation to Vancouver Island, but I hear its beautiful.

  3. You must be very proud Pamela!! There are so many choices for music in Victoria. I knew so many musicians who started at the Conservatory. Its so nice to see a young man your sons age interested in the piano. Of course he has very supportive parents. Thanks for sharing your proud moment. Cheers! Susan

  4. You should be so proud of your son! Such a huge accomplishment in such a short time! I hope that he continues with the piano as all of the teenagers I have met through my daughters who stuck with it, were very, very pleased that they could play!


  5. Congratulations Sammy....that is so so special. You must be so proud of him my friend.
    Hard work will get him far in life.
    Hope your week will be filled with many more Joys. xoxo

  6. Pamela - You are such a proud Mom and no wonder. Sam must be a special little man to persist and do so well. It reminds me of my own piano recitals. i decided in Grade 9 to give up my free lessons so I could sit on the bench at basketball games. I wish I'd stayed at the keys! Yes I do miss the ocean and the beautiful parks, flowers, trees, and beaches that surround Victoria. I've lived in big sky country for 16 years and though I've adjusted to life here I miss the island and think of it often. I often think of these words..."Grow where you are planted." I suppose one needs to find the best in life wherever one is at a particular moment in time. Each day is certainly a gift.

  7. Dear Sammy, The love you have for music will last through your whole life. Your Mom and Dad have reason to be proud. Keep up the good work.
    Dear Pam, Thanks for sharing this heart warming family moment. Love, Penny